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Our Journey | First Trimester

Our Journey | First Trimester

First Trimester

So let’s go back a few months before this first trimester. 

We knew we wanted kids. One of the big reasons I fell in love with Evan was for the family man he was. When we got married we knew we wanted to wait at least a year before trying. We decided to take the travel nursing journey but that wasn’t going to stop our timeline. 

Last October I had come home to Ohio to shoot a wedding before we headed out to England for 10 days. I found out I was pregnant and Evan wasn’t going to be home for 5 days to finish work in Idaho. So I didn’t tell anyone. How I did that now I’m not sure. I wanted to surprise him at the airport with a sign and have the worlds cutest little announcement. He was so surprised and we couldn’t believe we got pregnant so quickly. We wanted to tell family after we got back from England but a few days in to our England trip, in the middle of sight seeing and exploring I begin the miscarriage process. I was not even 5 weeks so it happened quickly but I was so scared. I’m in a different country and didn’t know what to expect or if this was just normal in pregnancy. After a few slight panic attacks I scheduled a doctor appointment to see what was going on when we got home. She confirmed and we told family. I was upset but also overwhelmed in peace. Everything happened so fast that I had a hard time letting it set in.  

After we got back and confirmed we had a miscarriage I said I didn’t want to rush things that it will happen when it happens. In January I got another positive pregnancy test which also resulted in a chemical miscarriage ( a miscarriage that ends before 6 weeks ) This was a little more heart breaking because I had 3 other cousins due with babies in October and we were going to be due within 2 weeks of each other. 

Still I was overwhelmed in peace. I wanted to stop trying and just enjoy life not worrying for a little while. I was tired of the disappointment and didn’t want to overwhelm Evan and myself. 

After sharing my story to a few people I got some advice to try a natural herb called Vitex that helped other woman with recurrent chemical miscarriages. It’s a hormone balancing herb. I took that the beginning of April and the first of May I knew my cycle was a day late and I figured I will test and was not hopeful at all. I didn’t feel pregnant. Well boy was I wrong. I saw the worlds faintest line and literally threw the test away because I was a scared and frustrated. ( I also figured that if my cycle was due that my test line should be a lot darker ) I watched it get stronger over the next few days. Visited the doctor to get blood work done to make sure my HCG was rising properly and it was. 

So there Evan and I sat. We didn’t even get excited with positive pregnancy tests. Just stayed calm and in prayer. 6 weeks showed up and I had officially made it farther than I ever had. We told our immediate family and over the next 7 weeks told the rest of our family & close friends! We were finally getting excited… This is getting REAL! 

Evan kissed me every morning before he left for work and would always say “ I love you, keep growing that baby “! It was my favorite!  

So here we are. First trimester has come and gone and it was actually pretty easy on me. I was blessed with not being super sick. I didn’t eat much and things would turn my stomach but my biggest symptom was fatigue. I mean I would sleep 12 hours at night, nap 2 hours in the afternoon and repeat. I just wanted to sleep all. the. time. I am not complaining though. I would take sleepiness over vomiting ANYDAY!

We are here at 15 weeks today. Praying for baby to keep growing strong. Praying for continuous smooth pregnancy and a smooth delivery day! 

Fun Facts:

We are not finding out gender. I mean we have to stick with our theme of Team Green ;). I have had a gut feeling from the beginning it’s a boy and all baby dreams so far have been that it’s a boy. Literally everyone else thinks I’m having a girl. Sammi is keeping a list on her phone of everyones guesses. 

We won’t be announcing name ideas for baby until baby has arrived. ( We have a good idea of our boy name but girl names are keeping us stumped. )

We will still be at my parents when baby arrives and will probably move inside their house as it will be winter. But we will be back to the camper after it stops going below freezing. We have a few goals to meet before we buy our first home and we love our little tiny home! 





Thank you to all of our prayer warriors out there. 

Thank you to all the mommas who have checked on me and shared your story. There is nothing like knowing you aren’t alone in this journey and that sharing your story can bring comfort to someone else going through the same thing. 

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